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A hiking bucket list?

I just thought I’d throw this question out there by way of a short post.

Do any of you have a “bucket list” of trails or parks you’d like to hike in at least once during your life?

I really don’t have a list put together at the moment, truth be told, but if I did have a formal list, it would include the Appalachian Trail, the West Highland Way in Scotland, and the entire Bright Angel Trail in the Grand Canyon. (And one of these days, I do need to get around to taking on the Giant Stairs in the Palisades.)

What do you think? Do you keep a bucket list, or do you just prefer to take the trails as you find them?

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Ten signs you’re a hiker (or other outdoors person)

If you display any of these signs – plus a few not mentioned here because I’m trying to keep the list down to 10 – you just might be a hiker.

  1. Your list of “in case of emergency, please contact” numbers includes your hikers’ group.
  2. Your favorite eau-de-toilette (or perfume or cologne) is Deep Woods Off.
  3. If you have to use the restroom, you tell people, “I have to step off the trail.”
  4. Your idea of formal wear includes cargo pants, and the dominant fabric in your wardrobe is Gore-Tex.
  5. Your heart rate goes up when you’re reading the latest REI catalog.
  6. You can talk for hours about magnetic declination and boxing a compass.
  7. You’ve ever taken a selfie by a canoe in the L.L. Bean store in Freeport.
  8. John Muir and Mary Jane Colter are your patron saints.
  9. You have enough moleskin, Ace bandages and Benadryl to stock a hospital.
  10. You think that the annual Easter egg hunt would be a lot more fun if it involved geocaching.
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