S’more about s’mores


How many blog postings can one person do about s’mores?

Quite a few, it seems.

I took an informal (very, very informal) poll of people I know – college classmates and professors, co-workers, Facebook buddies, etc. – to ask them for their thoughts on s’mores. A lot of people offered their two cents’ worth, and the responses were all over the map – an indicator that s’mores are something that people can feel very strongly about.

As some of my commenters said, s’mores seem to be one of the most important parts of camping, and there’s a nostalgia factor as well:

“S’mores feel like an essential part of camping, and they are very personal. Do you get the marshmallow golden? Do you set it on fire? What’s the perfect chocolate-marshmallow-graham cracker ratio? I’ve seen people passionately discuss what brand of chocolate or graham cracker is best. Everyone will tell you something different, and will argue for it until the fire has already burned out. And it’s incredibly nostalgic, too!” –Beth Beck Land

“They are a much of your childhood to have them on the campfire/grill. And those days it was a charcoal grill. If you were either in Boy or Girl Scouts they were something else you did at camp, either at day camp or sleep over camp. There are nowadays so many different ways you can prepare them without having a grill.” –Kathy J. Fleckenstein

“Classic! Love ‘em! (Even though I don’t eat marshmallows these days.) I always liked getting a stick from the woods for marshmallow roasting.” –Katie Murray

“Marshmallow dripping from the stuck and landing on the chocolate/graham cracker, melting the chocolate, slap another on it, yuuuum…” –Carleen Phillips

“I love s’mores, but I’m a really lazy camper when it comes to food. I dig strenuous 30-100 mile hikes into the deep mountains, but when it comes time to dine and sleep, I basically just cram down some trail mix and pass out. That said, whenever I’ve hiked/camped with cook friends, it’s always made it nothing but better, and I don’t see how s’mores’d be an exception to that rule.” –Philip Leclerc

“S’mores are nice but you don’t have to camp to enjoy them. But one is good enough for me.” –Deborah Ann Tripoldi

And for some people, it’s forget the s’more, just give me the marshmallow:

“I love toasted marshmallows on graham crackers but can’t ever seem to get the chocolate to melt…to me, s’mores are overrated! Toasted marshmallows are perfect!” –Mary Wright

“Way too sweet! I much prefer plain old toasted marshmallows.” –Marianne Allegro

Some offered their tips on how best to make them:

“When roasting the marshmallows, I like to get them crispy brown on the outside, sometimes even black.” –Andrea Leigh Mitchell

“The challenge is getting the hot marshmallow to melt the chocolate enough to create the wonderful goo. Often it stays in slab form…still edible but not sublime. (By themselves, marshmallows, milk chocolate bars and graham crackers are mostly uninteresting.)” –Elizabeth Oguss

“I love ‘em, but only when I go camping. It’s perfect during late nights when the breeze is blowing and you want some warm gooey goodness…As for the best s’more, I like to slowly roast the marshmallow. While it’s annoying when everyone is eating theirs before you do, the end result is worth it.” –Lillian M. Ortiz

“I live in Colorado with lots of camping. My family would go a few times a year. We always had s’mores, and I always hated them. I LOVE making them and I’m a champion marshmallow toaster, but I just don’t like eating them. I feel they are too sweet. A good tip is to get some foil or use the chocolate wrapper to cover the chocolate and graham and let it get melted as you roast the mallow.” –Katie Gendill

“Excellent team builder with students too – how to roast the “perfect” mallow, who has the patience to go for the gold(en brown), ways to build, etc. I love one really good s’more that I took the time for the mallow to get just right. After one it’s too much sugar/effort, but I might still do a second or third golden mallow.” –Karen Elizabeth Schomaker

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